Short Sleeve CIMARUTA Protection Symbol T-Shirt – Stregheria


Cimaruta Protection Symbol Stregheria T-Shirt

One color front Print available in Men’s T-shirt or Ladies V-Neck Tshirt.

Artist: Maxine Miller


The traditional cimaruta is fashioned after the image of a sprig of rue, which is an herb that is highly featured in Italian magic and lore. The branch of the rue is divided into three stems symbolizing the triformis goddess Diana. Rue is one of the sacred herbs of this goddess. Various charms appear on the rue design and each one bears its own meaning . The primary symbols are the moon, serpent, and key. These represent the goddess in her triple form as Hecate (the key), Diana (the moon) and Proserpina (the serpent).

The cimaruta is a very old charm rooted in the lore of the Old Religion of Italy. Like many of the lasting ancient symbols and beliefs the cimaruta design eventually took on symbolic elements of Catholicism. One example of a Christian addition to the design is the appearance of “the sacred heart” of Jesus. However, ancient Roman charms did include a heart symbol, which may indicate that the heart on the cimaruta is a later Christianization as opposed to an entirely new creation.

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