In our world, there exists tremendous interest in the ancient and mysterious Ancient Celtic and Wiccan cultures. Artist Maxine Miller has devoted many years of her artistic life to celebrating and illuminating these traditions for the people of today.

Her work is rich with the exquisite detail and symbolism that bring these iconic images to life. Maxine’s artwork is applied to sterling silver jewelry, statuary, printed apparel, art prints, wooden gift boxes- even a ouija board, “Jeux Des Spiritueux”.

Michael MacFarlane has brought Maxine’s art to the masses through the manufacturing and distribution of Maxine’s Products. By starting with Celtic Fairs and Scottish Highland Games in North America, where he is a highly regarded member of the Scottish/Celtic community.

This eventually lead to participation in international wholesale and retail shows and a worldwide audience. Maxine Miller Studios’ wares are manufactured in the USA, India, and Thailand.

All pieces are created with integrity, working with non-exploitive and fair trade principles. It is both their pride and pleasure to bring these works to you.